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Hi, my name is Joolz. Born in Australia but brought up in the UK and lived in the USA, I now live in Perth. At present, I have three "fur" kids, Monty and Treacle the cats that I brought with me from Florida to Perth and Jackson the lab/staffy/kelpie dog who still has bags of energy despite being a classed in the 'mature' age group!

When I was young we had two dogs and over the years I have regularly looked after friends and family's critters whilst they were away and enjoyed having time-share pets. Then a friend had to return to England and asked me to re-home her cat, I took her in on a temporary basis and a love affair was born!

Let me introduce you to my pets:

Monty is a male black and white cat who was a stray. He is quite small for a boy but makes up for it with a MASSIVE personality. He is quite a nutcase and keeps us in stitches with his escapades.

Treacle is a female tortoiseshell cat who was also a stray. We took her in as a kitten to keep Monty company and out of mischief but that hasn't worked! Like her name suggests, she is very sweet and loves a cuddle.

Jackson is our latest addition, a lab/staffy cross (with a bit of Kelpie thrown in!) who just loves to be the centre of attention. He adores kids and other dogs, has a permanently wagging tail and bags of energy. I am also currently fostering cats that have been saved from euthanasia until loving foster homes can be found for them, which is hugely rewarding.


Hi Im Kristy I live in Merriwa with my partner, daughter, Pebbles and Sid our English Toy Terriers, Barney our Ginger cat, Lola the rabbit and a tank full of tropical fish, people think we are the Flintstone Family! I was a Volunteer at the Darlingrange Wildlife Shelter looking after sick and injured Animals i.e Joeys, Bobtails , Magpies , Doves, Pink and Greys , Possums , Ducks , Pelicans and Black Swans , Tawny FrogMouth , Turtles and Kookaburras . I love working with pets so let me look after your loved ones while you go away or you need help looking after your loved ones during the week. I will treat your babies as if they where my own.


Hi, I’m Tracy. I live in the Hillarys area with my partner Mike and our 3 beautiful children. I own a black Labrador cross Staffy, Max, who is bursting with energy and his sister Minnie, a blue heeler. They are loving dogs who want to be everyone’s friend. Plus our two cats Magic and Marshmallow.

When I was growing up I was always surrounded by animals. I owned a red heeler dog named “Cassie” who was a loyal and loving dog. She loved playing ball and would happily play it all day long. I also owned a beautiful black cat named “Sam” who was very timid and would hide whenever he heard the rubbish truck. I had 2 cheeky guinea pigs named “Clare” and “Cindy” who had the run of the backyard and got on famously with our cat and dog. I have also owned budgies and goldfish but unfortunately the cat also liked the goldfish and they didn’t stay with us for very long!

Well, that’s about it about my pets. I look forward to meeting you and getting to know your pets.


Hi My name is Heather, and I am happy to be part of the Perth Pet Pals team. I had been using the Perth Pet Pal service myself and found it invaluable, with long days at work in the city, I had Tina come around and walk my much beloved Cocker Spaniel Harley. I also used the House Sitting, which was a fantastic service knowing that my dog and home are well cared for. So I decided to quit my corporate job and join the team, as I am a massive pet lover, and wanted to get involved in a worthwhile and very rewarding job. Just imagine spending your day with man/woman’s best friend and getting fit at the same time! I am dedicated to my work with pets and look forward to caring for any pet that you may need me to look after.